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wife, mama and graphic designer

I’m a bit of a wanderluster, always a daydreamer, currently living in Sydney and navigating cancer.

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you, me & Elle

“A space to curate moments and thoughts, words to help cope with a shitty diagnosis, unexpected adventures to be retold, encounters endured and savoured…”

Without You

  no children under 12. I'm coming to terms with my diagnosis now, that's the easy part. Not being able to see my 18 month old daughter, now that's another thing. I'd never spent more than a night away from her and now here I was, stuck in hospital without her,...

Day 9

  Things are starting to feel a little normal now. There is a rhythm to this place that I'm getting used to. It's a cycle of obs., medication, visitors, meals -then as the day ends, everything is quiet and we settle in for the night. Today was a waiting day....

The Big C & Me.

  i'm just a little tired... "You have Leukaemia." Three words you never dream of hearing, but late August of 2018, I was dealt this absolutely heart-shattering diagnosis. My husband, Andreas and our young daughter Elle, lived a life so full and happy, this new...

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